Apply for the Bachelor of Business Management

Applying for academic year 20-21 is only possible from 1 February 2020 onwards.

Step 1: Submit your online application

a) Create an account

If it is the first time you apply for admission at one of the KU Leuven Association institutions please create an account first. You will need this student account to start your online application.

If you already have a KU Leuven Association account, you may immediately login.

b) Login to the web application

To start your application at Odisee login to the web application, upload your picture and complete your personal data (personal data, addresses, curriculum and languages). Fields marked with * are obligatory. After saving your data, return to the main page ('<' button on top of the page) and check the completeness of each section.

If you already have a KU Leuven Association account your personal data will already be completed.

Create an account


Login to the web application

Add an application
  • Add an application by clicking on the ‘+’ button in the Applications section on the main page of the web application
  • Choose the type of programme
  • Select the academic year
  • Choose the BBM programme by using the search tool
  • Complete any additional information that is requested
  • Save the data
  • You now automatically return to the main page

To proceed, please click on the Edit button (pencil) on the right hand side of your application.

Upload attachments

You must now upload all the required documents as attachments in the 'Attachments' tab.

Attach each relevant document by selecting the attachment type and upload the file in PDF format by pressing the '+' button on the right.

For an overview of the documents you need to upload please click here

Once you have uploaded all documents you can submit your application.

Submit your application

The submit button will only be activated after accepting the disclaimer. 

If one or more of the required documents are missing you will receive an error message. Please upload the required documents before resubmitting your application. 

If you wish to update your personal data after submitting your application please contact us

Once you have submitted your online application you have completed Step 1. Please proceed to Step 2. 

Step 2: Send the required documents by postal mail

Once you have submitted your online application, please send a certified copy of your secondary school diploma by postal mail or international courier to the below address. If your diploma is not issued in English, Dutch, French or German please also send us a certified copy of the translation.

A certified copy is a copy that has been legalized by the awarding institution (secondary school, (university) college, university), a Belgian municipality, or a copy with an Apostil of the Hague.

Odisee Student Administrative Services Centre
Warmoesberg 26,
1000 Brussels

Exception: If you still need to complete your secondary school studies at the time of application there is no need to send us any documents via postal mail. Please upload your intermediate transcripts, as well as a document issued by your school that states that you are expected to graduate before the start of the 2020-2021 academic year, as part of your online application.

Please note: your application will only be assessed once we have received your online application as well as the required documents by postal mail.

Step 3: Follow up of your application file

Once you have successfully submitted your online application you can follow up the status on the main page of the web application. The approval process consists of several steps and takes roughly 3 weeks from the time we have received your complete application file.  (online application + hard copy documents). 
During this period the following statuses may appear:

  • Submitted: Your application will be checked for completeness
  • Application complete: All necessary documents have been received, the evaluation is in process
    If your application is incomplete the admissions office will contact you by e-mail and will inform you which documents are missing

As soon as a decision has been taken concerning your application, the status will change into 

  • “Admission letter sent” if you have been admitted to the programme;
  • “Application rejected” if not.


You will also receive a confirmation of the decision via e-mail. If you are admitted to the BBM programme please carefully read the instructions in this e-mail on how to finalize your registration at Odisee.

Please advise us if you require a visa to come to Belgium as you will need an additional embassy letter for your visa application.