Online session procrastination

When? Thursday 24/03/2022 from 18h - 19h30
Who? Els Feytons
Where? Online
Price? Free

First I have to check Instagram, game, go to the shop,... and then I start! Do you often put off studying or doing tasks? Are you easily distracted while studying? Do you recognize this? Then this session is for you!

In this session we learn to distinguish between problematic and non-problematic procrastination. We increase your awareness of procrastination and the insight into your own procrastination. We look at the different factors that maintain procrastination and offer concrete tools and tips to tackle procrastination in a systematic way.

You can participate directly by clicking on this linkOr you can register via this link and receive a reminder of the session on the day itself!

poster of the session procrastinantion
from Thursday 24 Mar '22, 18:00
until Thursday 24 Feb '22, 19:30