A little help?

Tutoring & Guidance

Everything at Odisee revolves around the student. Hence we have developed a very efficient support infrastructure to help you get the best from your student life. This begins with the personal approach of the lectures. You always have direct access to the academic staff when you have a question or require advice.


Meet us!

Open days
types of guidance
Personal Tutor

As a freshmen you are invited to an introduction day to get acquainted with your fellow students and lecturers. Every first year student has his own personal tutor. You will meet your tutor on the very first day of your course, and you may want to keep in touch for the rest of your stay in the university-college. If you have any questions about how life is lived, or about university-college procedures, ask your tutor first. He or she will also give you tailored to measure personal advice about the best way to get yourself organized in order to develop most effective study methods.

Academic Advisor

As a member of the teaching staff at Odisee ,your academic advisor is familiar with all the ins and outs of the program. He or she will provide the guidance and assistance you may need with regards to course selection, number of credits to take, study abroad and a variety of other issues relevant to your studies. Each academic advisor will have no more than eight students as advisees. This ensures that every advisor really gets to know their advisees – their interests and plans, their strengths and challenges.

Student Counselling

Your tutor is backed up by the Student Counselling Service. There are psychologists who will be pleased to help you with any advice, personal problems, legal questions. They organize coaching sessions about fear of failure, time management etc. 

How about the workload?

The workload can be pretty daunting at first, until you find a rhythm. There's a kind of "calm before the storm" when you arrive, as for the first few weeks you won't have much work assigned to you. However, on most courses that changes pretty quickly a few weeks in when the first courseworks land. Be prepared for this, and make sure that you take advice as soon as you feel that you might be losing touch with the pace.

How will you be assessed?

We help you prepare for your oral and written exams: throughout the academic year you will be writing midterm tests, papers and project reports.