Start-2-Charge: accessible wireless charging

In Start-2-Charge we lower the threshold for companies to implement inductive wireless charging. A lot of companies experience obstacles to apply this new technology in their product range or working environment. We achieve this by building a modular test platform and developing a practical manual with design guidelines to build your own wireless application.

PWO (practice-oriented scientific research)

Inductive charging allows energy to be transferred wirelessly. This increases the practicality and user experience for both consumers and industry.

Unfortunately, companies face many obstacles in implementing wireless charging in their products. Many companies (especially SMEs) lack the resources to acquire the necessary knowledge to implement wireless energy transfer. The step is simply too big. In addition, some smaller players in the market still need to be made aware that wireless energy transfer is feasible for their products.

On the one hand, there is no standard for wireless power transfer for medium power products such as power tools, while manufacturers of electrical appliances are asking for design guidelines. They want to implement wireless charging in their product range and thus differentiate themselves from the competition. On the other hand, even the application of the low-power standard for sensor networks, for example, is anything but simple. Small companies are faced with technical questions that are difficult to answer.

This project wants to lower the threshold for companies to introduce wireless energy transfer technology in their own product range. More specifically, the output of this project consists of

  1. an elaborated test platform and demonstration set-up for wireless charging for companies,
  2. a practical manual that serves as a design guide and flowchart for their own wireless application and
  3. externally funded project applications.

Our partners

  • W├╝rth Elektronik Belgium (EMC & Inductive Solutions)

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