Study Costs

Every education comes with a price tag. Both the government and the Student Services Department (STUVO) are doing everything they can to help you study without financial worries. STUVO will be happy to guide you through the various options to keep your studies affordable. 

NOTE: Not all the services below apply to international students residing in Belgium with a student visa. For more information scroll all the way down, select a campus and contact a staff member!


Tuition fee

Tuition fees in higher education are the fees you pay to study. Exactly how much you pay depends on several factors, which we'll look at here.

Leslokalen Hermes


The scholarship is a financial support from the Flemish government. Entitlement to a scholarship automatically ensures that you are entitled to the scholarship rate for your tuition fees. The scholarship is subject to several conditions.

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Additional (financial) support

You can turn to STUVO for additional (financial) support. For example, you can apply to us for an advance on your scholarship or a spread of payment. In addition, you can also apply for additional study funding.


Programme-specific costs

In addition to the registration fee, there are additional costs associated with a degree program. Just think about costs for your textbooks, supplies you need to purchase for your internship, costs you need to incur for your bachelor's thesis, ... 


Growth package / Child benefit

Depending on your domicile, you will receive Growth Package (Flanders) or Child Benefit (Brussels). The right to Growth Package / Child Benefit is also linked to certain conditions and can change if you change your enrollment during the academic year. 

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Need a laptop and software?

We are happy to help you find a suitable laptop. There is also an offer for the software you need for your studies. Depending on the needs within your studies, there may or may not also be a cost.

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