SALTO | Agro-Bio Research Group

Salto stands for “samen alternatieven onderzoeken” - "exploring alternatives together". Our research group has its own somewhat alternative character. Sustainability and the ethical use of resources is the common thread running through our research.

Our research is rooted in professional practice. As a research partner, we are always open to multidisciplinary cooperation.


Our story

ONE-WELFARE is the common thread in our research. The welfare of humans, animals and the planet are interrelated. Respect for our planet, interconnectedness of all life and responsibility towards our society are our starting points. From these starting points, we want to question or optimise current practices, propose sustainable alternatives or innovations and detect new challenges.

Our focus

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Behavioural biology and animal welfare

Research on animal welfare and applied behavioural biology in companion animals, therapy animals, farm animals, experimental animals and in zoos, research on animal nutrition in zoos, economic and ethical questions related to animal welfare.

stock koeien in weide

Sustainable agriculture and livestock farming

The research focuses, among other things, on sustainable techniques for crops and animals in agriculture and stockbreeding, and economic and ethical questions related to this.

Salto stedelijk groen

Sustainable use of open space

We focus, among other things, on

  • study of urban green space and green space in semi- or partially urbanised areas;
  • environmental care, ecology, land management and economy go hand in hand.


System approach with optimisation of a sustainable, animal-friendly and profitable production system for fish or invertebrates in recirculation systems in aquaculture. How can we meet the food needs without burdening the environment?

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