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ExploRatio focuses on stimulating critical, creative and logical thinking about science and society.

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Encouraging an inquisitive attitude in pupils is paramount. We focus on methodologies grounded in inquiry-based and design-based learning.


There is no research without reflection. We pay attention to teaching methods where, through dialogue and philosophising, children learn to speak and think about central concepts or tricky themes within science and society.

In the world

We work together with schools, museums, teachers, researchers and philosophers who want to stimulate thinking about sustainability, ethics, science, nature, technology, STEM, values and education among young people and (extra)school education professionals.

We work on dialogue and reflection techniques useful in the classroom to reflect on themes at the intersection of society, science, STEM, sustainability and diversity. This includes projects on concept acquisition, understanding science, sustainability education, value development or philosophising.

We developed methods that can be used in the classroom. These have a second life in card games, methodologies or lesson plans that can be used in schools, nature education centres, museums or at the kitchen table.

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