Sports, culture and recreation

Every student needs a dose of relaxation now and then!
Sports and exercise, enjoying culture, concerts, recreational and student activities... Or why not organise something yourself?

The possibilities for an exciting student life are vast! The Student Services Department (STUVO) pools the offerings for you!


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Sports, culture and recreation in Aalst

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Sports, culture and recreation in Brussels, Dilbeek, Schaerbeek

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Sports, culture and recreation in Ghent

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Sports, culture and recreation in Sint-Niklaas

Competitie Studentensport Vlaanderen

Studentensport Vlaanderen

Together with the Universities and Colleges, Studentsport Vlaanderen organises student competitions in different sports. Represent your college and participate in the Flemish and Belgian championships.

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Organising a student event? Ask for support!

Do you want to set up an activity of your own? An initiative you would like to organise for fellow students? On or near campus? The Student Services Department (STUVO) supports you wherever possible! 

Contact a staff member at your campus