Sports, culture and recreation Ghent

Leisure and lending service

Our green campus environment offers many opportunities to relax.

  • Both indoor and outdoor you can find table tennis tables and foosball tables. Table tennis balls and foosball balls can be purchased for €1.
  • Be sure to use the outdoor area as well.
    Lending offer: spikeball set, kubb, mikado, soccer balls, goals...

Interested? Stop by STUVO in reception office A004.



Activities and events

We regularly organise relaxing activities at a student-friendly price (e.g. karting, indoor skiing, laser shooting, escape room...). Some activities take place on campus, others at an external location.

Staying up to date? Check your student platform - all our events will appear on the calendar with info and registration details. Enjoy the atmosphere at our activities via Instagram or Facebook!

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Sports Campus Ghent

Sports classes

Together with Arteveldehogeschool, we offer an extensive range of different sports (Fitness, Caloriecrush, Pilates, Fatburner, Badminton, Climbing, bootcamp, mini-football...). A sports program to which you are welcome as a student of our campus.

  • You pay €2 per sports session.
  • Reserve your spot through the webshop. Registration is only possible with your student email!
    • IMPORTANT: When logging in for the first time you should choose "Maak nu een account"

Swim passes at student rate

As a student on our campus, purchase a multi-use pass valid at all Ghent swimming pools (with the exception of the GUSB).

  • 11-turn card at €13
  • Buy your swimming card at STUVO, A044 reception desk via Bancontact.
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Culture Campus Ghent

Discount concerts Democrazy

Democrazy is the only music club in Belgium without its own venue. As a touring music club in Ghent, they create a quality offering of pop and rock in the broadest sense.

  • Through a unique collaboration we can offer 90% of the gigs with an average discount of €5!
  • Purchase your tickets at STUVO in reception office A004 using Bancontact.

Affordable to the movies

Studio Skoop and Sphinx Cinema have been bringing the better cinema to Ghent for more than 40 years.

  • Thanks to STUVO you can buy a cheap ticket for a movie at Studio Skoop or Sphinx at only €4!
  • Per student can buy 1 ticket per week. Buy your ticket in advance at the STUVO reception office A004 A004 via Bancontact.
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Discover sports and culture in your college town!

Ghent is a vibrant student city! There is a lot to do not only on campus but also in the city. All information about studying in Ghent, about leisure, sports and culture can be found on Student in Ghent. You will also find information about going to class, study locations, working during your studies...

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