Change programme / Deregistration

Is your programme not quite what you expected? Do you want to change programmes or are you considering withdrawing?

It is important to make the right choice and to be guided if necessary. Changing your programme or ceasing your studies also has consequences for your study credit and tuition fees.

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Effects on your learning account

If you change programs before 1 December, you will get back to your learning account all the credits of the program in which you were originally registered. The credits taken in your new programme will then be removed.

If you change program between 1 December and 15 March, you will be deregistered from your old program and registered in your new program.

If this happens

  • between 1 December and 20 December, you are deregistered for the course units that start in the first semester, but you do not get any learning account back for those course units;
  • between 20 December and 15 March, the course units that start in the first semester remain in your individual year program and you will also receive a grade. Again, you will not get back any learning account for those course units.

In both cases, the course units that only relate to the second semester will be deregistered and you will get your learning account back for them.

Consequences for your tuition fee

If the number of credits taken changes due to a change of programme, you will receive an additional invoice or a refund.

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Withdrawing from your programme

If you are thinking about dropping out of your current studies, don't do it impulsively but talk about it with your parents and your learning path counsellor.

Contact a counsellor

On the website  you will find more information on the social and financial consequences of withdrawing from studying and the impact on your scholarship, health insurance, child benefits, student job, etc.


If you wish to officially withdraw from your studies, you must:

  1. complete the deregistration form, on the basis of which your deregistration is officially registered, should be returned filled in and returned to the Student Administrative Services Centre at your campus.
  2. complete the accompanying online exit questionnaire.

The date of deregistration is the date on which the duly completed deregistration form is received by the Student Administrative Services Centre. Therefore, a telephone call is not sufficient to officially process your deregistration.


Campuses Aalst, Brussels, Ghent and Sint-Niklaas Campus:

Campus Dilbeek:

Campus Schaerbeek:


Note: If you deregister from a course variant, it is not possible to reregister for the same course variant or course units in the same academic year, regardless of the contract type.

Effects on your learning account

If you deregister

  • before 1 December, the total number of credits you took this year will be added again to your study account.
  • between 1 December and 15 March, only the credits of the course units of the second semester will be added again to your learning account.
  • after 15 March, you lose the (non-acquired) credits you took.

Special arrangement for generation students

Generation students who deregister between 1 December and 20 December and are reregister in another program before 15 March, get half of their learning account back for the course units of the old program that started in the first semester or are spread over the entire academic year.

Refund of tuition fees

If you deregister:

  • within 4 weeks of your registration (or the start of the semester) you pay only the fixed fee.
  • between 4 and 8 weeks after registration, you pay the fixed fee and half of the registered credits.
  • after 8 weeks, you pay the fixed fee and the full amount of registered credits.

This arrangement only applies to the tuition fees that are collected centrally by the Student Administrative Services Centre and therefore not to additional tuition fees collected by the programme or elsewhere.

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