Sometimes studying doesn't go the way it should. It is possible that at some point you are "stuck": with your studies, your choice of study, with yourself, ... Know that you are not alone! You can always contact a staff member of the Student Services Department (STUVO) for an informal talk. Discover the options on this page. 

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Psychological counseling

Would you like to come and talk about your personal problems? Do you suffer from fear of failure or procrastination? Or would you like to improve your study method and/or study planning? Contact one of our student psychologists. Conversations are free.

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Learning path coaches

A study track counselor is a teacher or the program head within your program. This person assists you with program-related questions. This can range from providing specific information about the program in question, looking together at the most desirable study pathway...


The O-statuut

Do you have additional educational needs, have you already received increased care in the past or have a specific diagnosis? Together with you, we look at where you experience difficulties and what possible adjustments can be made. You can apply for O status for this, where the O stands for Extra Support. 

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Inclusive facilities

As an Odisee student, you are entitled to a number of inclusive facilities. You don't have to do anything extra for these: all students are automatically entitled to them. 

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Ombuds Service

The Ombuds Service watches over your rights and obligations as outlined in the Education and Examination Regulations, listens to your questions, provides you with the necessary information and, if necessary, mediates any problems that arise during your course of study.

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Study Skills

Sometimes studying may not go so smoothly, you may not know "how to get started" or the upcoming exam period may cause you stress. We try to help you with different (online) sessions or customized guidance.

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Study Advice

In doubt  between two studies? Or do you wonder if you have made the right choice? Do you absolutely not know what you want and want to explore your own talents, strengths and weaknesses? Then contact a student advisor for an informal discussion.

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(Online) workshops

The Student Services Office (STUVO) is organizing a number of workshops on various topics. There are offerings of on- and off-line sessions on study methods and planning, ways to tackle your procrastination or fear of failure, and on how best to prepare for exams.

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Urgent and external assistance and services

Here you will find a directory of (urgent) external organizations with information on a variety of topics.

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Transgressive behavior

At Odisee, there is no room for transgressive behavior. If it does occur, we take it seriously and address it immediately.

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Cloud version Alinea & Web2Speech

Every student at Odisee can use Alinea in the Cloud; which is a smart text aid that lets you, for example, have texts read aloud or spell-check them. You can also use the program as a study aid to highlight and summarize text. 

Taalteam Odisee

Odisee 'Taalsterk'

Take advantage of your strength as a multilingual student and seize every opportunity to grow in your Dutch. You can do this by following language coaching and/or working independently on points where you see room for improvement. Discover which language coach you can turn to and the material (knowledge clips, posters, exercises, ...) that you can use to prepare your Dutch for the multilingual job market.

Students for Students

Our Odibuddy's will be happy to show you around the university!