Sessions study skills

In the first year of college it is possible that studying doesn't go so smoothly from the start, that you don't know 'how to start' or that the upcoming exam period causes you stress.

The student psychologists can help you further with (online) sessions or customised counselling.

Study method and planning

The student counsellors can help you to study in a (more) efficient way: drawing up an adequate (short and long term) study plan, concentrating, structuring the course components, summarising, memorising, reading comprehensively (the course material), taking notes, formulating questions about the course,...

Make sure you first take a look at the online sessions on offer. If you still have questions, send an e-mail to one of the student psychologists.

During one or more sessions they will check your actual study behaviour together with you and make suggestions for possible improvements. Often you can already improve your study skills with a few tips and tricks.

student voor laptop bijtend op potlood

Neem contact op met een medewerker van je campus

KU Leuven studenten: gelieve Marc, Leen of Maarten te contacteren.

Odisee studenten: gelieve de studentenbegeleiders te contacteren via het algemeen mailadres (zie link onderaan).

Gelieve de studentenbegeleider te contacteren via het algemeen mailadres (zie link onderaan).