Welcome to the Odisee Student Council

The General Student Council of Odisee, abbreviated ASR, is the student council by and for students across all Odisee campuses and represents all programs within Odisee University College. Thus, the ASR takes a broad-based position for all its students!


The Student Council consists of a Daily Board, which is responsible for the continuity and management of the ASR, as well as a General Assembly. This has all decision-making rights and is made up of program representatives from all programs across all campuses.

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What does the Student Council do?

As Student Council, we represent all of our students at different levels. This starts at the different programs, where we help improve student participation and we provide support to the Student Representatives within each program. This is one way we can also help shape the educational curriculum.

But that's not all. We also co-manage student facilities, ranging from catering on the various campuses, to sports and cultural events, to chutes for our students.

Outside our college, we also serve on numerous external consultative bodies.

External Student Consultation

We are part of VVS (Flemish Association of Students), Stura KU Leuven (the student council for all KU Leuven students) and StAL (the student council for all students within the Leuven Association).


Other external consultation moments

Other external consultative meetings we still sit on are .Brik, the service desk for Brussels students and StuGent, city consultation with all Ghent higher education institutions.


Who is behind the Student Council?

The Student Council consists of two bodies, namely an Executive Board and a General Assembly. 


Departmental Board (DB)

The DB includes the president, vice president, secretary, directors communication, participation and external, student life coordinator and finally the four campus presidents. They meet weekly. The Executive Board can take decisions in case of urgency, if the GA can no longer be convened in time. The DB reports on this in writing or orally at the next General Assembly. The DB thus coordinates the internal workings of the Student Council. 

General Assembly (GA)

The GA consists of the members of the Executive Board and all elected Student Representatives from all programs across all campuses. It meets a minimum of five times per academic year. At least two regular meetings are held each semester. There is a special election meeting in May.

The General Assembly is responsible for the election procedure, mandating Student Representatives for the various mandates and outlining policy principles. 

Decisions are made by a simple majority. Decisions relating only to either group are made by the students of the respective group. Changes to the operating rules, electoral rules or participation rules require a three-fourths majority. The final exclusion of a member also requires a three-fourths majority.

Interested in joining the Student Council?

Do you want to help build the future of your college or campus? Do you also want the voice of your fellow students to be heard? Or would you rather help determine Odisee's policy? Then the Student Council is looking for you!

Each academic year around April elections are held for the next academic year. You can apply to become a program representative and/or campus president. When you have been elected as program representative by your fellow students, then you can choose whether you also stand for election to the Executive Committee of the Student Council as a director. More info can be found below! 

What is the ASR doing?

Student Council Projects

The ASR is in the business of representing students day in and day out, but it has also accomplished many great projects. Discover them below! 

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Basic Conditions of Student Participation 2023

Together with the college we are pursuing sustainable student participation . In recent academic years, some thresholds have been identified and exposed at the Flemish level (including by Vlor and the Flemish Association of Students). Within our own college, we are proud of the commitments made by our student representatives, but are aware that this voluntary commitment also requires effort.

Time for a concrete approach! In the lap of our General Assembly, and after further coordination with our programs, we are proud to begin work on, the basic requirements for student participation from AC23-24.


Every voice and opinion matters!

How can student representatives make the voices of students with diverse needs heard even more strongly?  This question seems obvious. But our student representatives indicate that they cannot make good statements on every issue. In ac23-24 we are actively looking for effective and efficient ways to make representative statements in every file. If you have concrete ideas on which we can easily reach specific target students, be sure to let us know. 


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Student Council Weekend 23-24

Every year the General Student Council organizes a weekend. During this weekend, student representatives from all campuses come together. We reflect on our operation, take time for some meetings, but most of all go on weekend to have a lot of fun.

This academic year we went on weekend from March 8 to 10, 2024. This took place in Hoeve Oswald, region of Sint-Niklaas.

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Student restaurant Brussels 2022

Vakantie wensen

Sufficient vacations

Studenten die examen afleggen

Balanced Exam Schedule 2022

We help monitor that exam schedules are balanced, and also take into account all students. This way you get maximum chances to succeed!

ICTO-studententip: e-books in tijden van examens

Fair Study Costs 2022

Software that is less useful? Books you don't need? From the ASR, we sit around the table and remind teachers and principals to thoroughly analyze the materials to be purchased and require only the necessary. That way you don't pay too much. In collaboration with STUVO's social services department, this resulted in an updated overview of all training-specific costs.

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Going Out Without a Worry

The ASR is in close contact with the student associations in each city where we have a campus. We help build plans and agreements to organize fine and safe activities. This keeps your student time the time of your life.

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Verhoogde aandacht voor gender en seksuele diversiteit 24-25

Op 14 mei 2024 ondertekenden de studentenraad en de hogeschool het GSA-manifest. Dit manifest heeft als doel een veilige en inclusieve omgeving te creeĆ«ren voor alle studenten en medewerkers, ongeacht hun seksuele oriĆ«ntatie, genderidentitei of geslacht. 

Odibuddy - Students for Students

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