Student Council Weekend 23-24

Every year the General Student Council organizes a weekend. During this weekend, student representatives from all campuses come together. We reflect on our operation, take time for some meetings, but most of all go on weekend to have a lot of fun.

This academic year we went on weekend from March 8 to 10, 2024. This took place in Hoeve Oswald, region of Sint-Niklaas.

Friday night

During the first evening, students came in one by one. Immediately there were snacks, pizza and lots of drinks provided by the kitchen team. This team consisted of several graduate student representatives. When everyone was present, the planning for the weekend was gone over. After the formalities, board games were played. The evening continued into the early hours with lots of ambiance!


Studenten zitten rond de tafel en spelen gezelschapspelletjes


With little eyes, everyone gathered at the breakfast table. With freshly made pancakes, eggs and bacon behind them, everyone was all cheered up.

That's how the first meeting started. We looked for a good way to promote the student council elections to the students, what actions could be taken and divided up the work. This way everyone has their own responsibility. The meeting was interrupted by the delicious lunch :leek curry soup and sandwiches. Then the meeting continued.

In the late afternoon, the group left for the team building :Laser Shooting!!! After the team building we could quickly freshen up we left for a restaurant. There there was a lot of laughter, eating and drinking. With a full stomach we left back to the farm and watched another fun movie.


Studenten klaar voor de lasershooting


The last day of the weekend :(. After a nice breakfast we did a long walk. During this walk we reflected on the past academic year and talked about cows and calves in front of cows and calves. As our last midday meal, we ate spaghetti with homemade bolognaise sauce. Another short meeting was held on Operational Objectives. Here we discuss the usefulness of the student council, the future  of the student council and what goals we have for the coming years.

After everyone helped clean up and clean up, we said goodbye to each other.

Studenten aan tafel eten spaghetti met verse bolognaisesaus