Cloud version Alinea & Web2Speech

Every Odisee student can use Alinea in the Cloud.

Alinea in the Cloud is a smart text tool that allows you to have texts read aloud, use word prediction, spell check, look up words and read and write in your digital books and pdf documents. You can also use the program as a study aid: you can mark texts and make summaries. There is support in 4 languages: Dutch, French, English and German, with automatic language recognition and matching voices.

Studente werkt aan laptop
How do you use this programme?

First surf  to . Log in with your address.

Look for the package 'Alinea' and open the tile.

With the button 'Account' you can request a username and password (or ask for it again if you have forgotten it). The username is of the form ''.

Underneath it you choose "go to Alinea online". Log in. You can choose to save your data, so you won't have to log in again next time.

You will also see that there is a button "view all download methods". Downloading the program makes no sense: as an Odisee student, you only have access to the cloud version.


Do you want to listen to text on the internet? 

Then we suggest you download the Chrome-extension Web2Speech. This extension is free for Odisee-students and can be downloaded from the Chrome webstore. You can read how to on this page. On this page you'll also find the user manual. It might be necessary to reboot your laptop after installation.