A smooth start

Congratulations, you are (re)registered at Odisee.

As a (new) student, there are a few things you need to do to get started with your studies.

  • Step 1: Activate your accounts (only for new students)
  • Step 2: Check when your programme starts
  • Step 3: Order the study material you need
  • Step 4: Register your Individual Study Program (ISP)
  • Step 5: Consult your course schedule

Activate your accounts

Every new Odisee student has to activate two accounts, one Odisee account and one KU Leuven Association account.

You will receive two emails in your personal mailbox after processing your online registration.
If you have not received one or both mails (check your SPAM-folder first), please contact the Information Management Centre.


Activate your accounts

Start of the academic year

Welcome days and refresher courses

At the start of the academic year, each programme organises one or more welcome days for new students. You are expected to participate.

If you want to brush up your knowledge of French, chemistry, mathematics or another subject, you can, depending on your programme, take part in a refresher course in the week before the start of the academic year.

Check the welcome days and refresher courses for your programme


Do you have the right to a special status?

Do you think you can get a special status? Apply for your status in time, immediately after your registration. 
This way, you can benefit from specific facilities from the start of the academic year and get off to a flying start at Odisee.

Check here which statuses are recognised at Odisee


Start of the lessons

Officially, the first semester starts on 19/09/2022 and the second semester on 06/02/2022, but this is not the case for all programmes.

Discover here the academic calendar of your programme

Study material

As a student, you will make use of a wide range of study materials during your studies: textbooks, ecourses, laptop, software, ...


More information about the study material 


Individual Study Programme (ISP)

Once your accounts are activated, you can compose your individual study programme (ISP). This means that you have to select all the course units that you want to take during the academic year. If you have exemptions, you also need to register them.

Only after you have entered your individual study programme (ISP), you can consult your personal course schedule and you will get access to the additional study material on the digital learning environment.

ISP deadlines

In any case, you need to submit your individual study programme at the latest on 15 October! If you miss this date, you will quickly run into problems with your child allowance, study grant, exam planning, etc.
If you register after October 15, your ISP must be submitted within a week.

 Opening ISPClosing ISPApproval ISP
1st semester10.09.202215.10.202230.11.2022
2nd semester04.02.202325.02.202315.03.2023


Register your ISP


View the step-by-step plan with instructional videos

View the changes to the programmes

Course schedules and class groups

As a student you are always linked to a class group. For each class group a timetable has been drawn up in which the lessons of compulsory subjects do not overlap.

Only after you have entered your individual study programme (ISP) you can consult your personal  course schedule.


More info about course schedules and class groups

Certificates and student card


After your (re)registration has been processed, the Student Administrative Services Centre will send you the following documents by email:

  • a 3-part certificate of registration (for purchasing a season ticket from NMBS, STIB, De Lijn, etc.)
  • An account statement with the fixed part of your tuition fee

If you are a new student, you will receive these documents in your personal mailbox. If you were an Odisee student last academic year, you will receive these documents in your Odisee mailbox after you have re-registered online for the new academic year.

Discounted annual pass of De Lijn 

Would you like to purchase a discounted annual pass of De Lijn? That is possible! 

Go to the application form (login as a student required)

You can find more information about De Lijn's season tickets on the mobility pages.

Student card

If you have an address in Belgium, your sustainable student card will be sent by postal address in mid-September at the earliest.

The Odisee student card is valid during your entire study career and is strictly personal. All rights you acquire with it, are exclusively meant for you. Do not misplace this card, you will only receive it once.  

You will need it to gain access to certain classrooms, to print or copy on campus, to borrow materials from the library, as an identity document when taking exams... 

In addition, with your student card you can often get great discounts at organisations, shops, museums,... Always check whether there is a student discount, or ask for one before you make your purchase. 
Do you want a student discount and did you forget your student card? Use the sustainable student card in digital form.   

Need help? A practical question?

Contact the Student Administrative Services Centre

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