Study Material @ Odisee

As a student, you will make use of a wide range of study materials during your studies.


Below you will find information on: 

  • the study material you can expect
  • .
  • how to purchase or consult it
  • what you can do in case of problems
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What study material can you expect?

  • Handbooks


    Handbooks are published by organizations and publishing houses. These are sold at Odisee to students through Standard Bookstore. 


    Following programs offer additional information about textbooks:


    In the Standard Student Shop you can from Sept. 2, 2023 in the list of required textbooks for this academic year's course materials, you can also consult the 2nd semester's materials and order and pay for these items. 

    Go to the Standard Student Shop

  • ePublications (of course texts)


    The course texts written by teachers are published online in 2 formats: as a pdf file (for download and print) and as an (online) e-book (for multimedia and shared lecture notes).


    Access to the e-publications is free and automatic based on your Individual Study Program (ISP). So get your ISP in order from September 10 quickly, so you can get to your e-publications too.


    The e-publications can be accessed in three ways:

    • The tool "My study materials" on the student platform shows your ISP (from Sept. 10) with accompanying study materials and a pdf file of each course so you can print them.
    • In each Toledo course you can use the button "Overview study materials" to download the pdf files and open the e-book. If your course uses Ultra-courses in Toledo, you can find the button "STM" at the top right of the course, which will take you to the study materials overview for that specific course.
    • Via the Odisee eBooks (web) apps you can also use the e-books on a tablet/laptop via native apps for Windows, Android and iOS.

    More information about
    eBooks @ Odisee

    Go to My Study Materials

    Go to Toledo

  • eCourses


    Some programs offer fully online courses for students and the field through the open platform: eCourses @ Odisee.


    Information on how to access these e-courses and how they are used for specific courses will be provided to you by your instructor.

    Since academic year 2022-2023 you can also click through to the e-courses via the application My Study Materials, when the lecturer has specified this on the ECTS sheet.

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  • Software


    In addition to courses and textbooks, you will also use specific software recommended by your program. This software can be downloaded and installed on your own laptop through the Academic Software Portal. This way you will always have the latest software at your disposal in a legal way and at an affordable price. Depending on your chosen course, the software is free, 20 or 50 euros. Information about the costs within your program can be found here.


    After you activate your account, go to the website: to 'My Odisee'. On the top right, next to the daily menu of your campus, you will find the button 'My costs'. This button will take you to the payment application. 

    After the online payment, you have access to the online software portal 'Academic Software'. You log in with your Odisee account ( and download your course-specific software there.

    You install the software on your own laptop and use it during the academic year. This makes taking classes with your laptop a lot easier and this software is also available while studying.

    For additional info and all software related problems, you can contact the support of Academic Software.

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  • Laptop


    As a student in higher education, you need your own laptop.

    Do you already have a laptop?

    Be sure to check if your current laptop meets the system requirements established by your course.

    Are you looking for a laptop?

    Academic Shop and Odisee have worked together to develop an attractive laptop offer through the Academic Shop. Be sure to first check out the system requirements established by your program.

    Buying or renting a laptop through this channel always includes a 3-year next business on-site warranty. With this warranty a technician will come to your home or dormitory to fix the problem free of charge. If the problem cannot be solved immediately, you will immediately receive a replacement device with - if possible - all your data on it.

    For support you can always contact us by phone (+32 3 327 30 74), e-mail (, chat or online book a technician.

    So you are always assured of a working laptop throughout your education.

    If you need advice or financial assistance with the purchase or rental of your laptop, please visit our StUVO student services. They will work with you to find the best solution.

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  • Other study materials

    During the semester, the instructor may also provide other study materials such as class recordings, presentations, practice materials, additional articles, etc... 

    Access to this other study material is usually obtained through the Toledo course of your course or directly on the appropriate page in your e-book or e-course.

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  • Laboratory or work clothes

    Some courses also require specific lab or work clothes to participate in some activities. You will learn all about this from your instructor.

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    lab or work clothes


What can you expect when?

  • Only early September will you be able to purchase the textbooks for your courses from Standard Bookstore via the Odisee Standard Student Shop
  • Mid-September you will begin to put together your Individual Study Program (ISP) . You will find that in Toledo, as a result of your ISP, you will begin to see your Toledo-courses. You will be automatically enrolled in these Toledo-courses. Your teachers decide when they make these courses available.
  • Also half September you will then see your list of OPO/OLAs appear in the tool "My Study Materials" on the student platform. Again, this is based on your ISP. It is in this application that you will get the list of required textbooks, e-publications (self-written course texts by teachers), e-courses (online courses) and software (Bring-your-own-device) for each course unit.
  • You can expect that - at least one week before the start of your classes - to be able to download the course texts as pdf-files using the tool "My Study Materials". In the same tool, or by using the eBooks-apps, you will be able to consult the online e-books.

What if things go wrong?

Sometimes things go wrong, then an ordered textbook is not delivered, you can't log into "My Study Materials," an e-book won't open, or you can't install software.

Find the right way to the right care provider here quickly.