How to register your Individual Study Programme (ISP)?

Once your accounts are activated, you can compose your individual study programme (ISP). This means that you have to tick all the courses that you want to take during the academic year. If you have exemptions, you also need to register them.

You have to register your ISP by 15 October at the latest! If you miss this date, you will soon run into problems with your child benefit, study grant, exam planning, etc. If you register after 15 October, your ISP must be submitted within a week.

Academic year 2023-2024 Opening ISP Closing ISP Approval ISP
1st semester 10.09.2023 15.10.2023 30.11.2023
2nd semester 10.02.2024 25.02.2024 15.03.2024

Step 1:

Consult your ISP

Open the ISP application

If prompted, login with your username (r-, m- or s-number) and password (the one you chose when activating your Association KU Leuven account).

Once you are successfully logged in, select the programme you wish to register a year programme for.

If you were registered as a student at an educational institution that is part of the Association KU Leuven before, you will also see your ISP of the previous academic years (available for consultation only).

Step 2:

Register course units

You can only edit and forward your ISP if you are linked to a class group. This class group determines which compulsory course units you must take. As long as you are not linked to a class group, you cannot edit your ISP. In this case, when you open your ISP, you get the message '... no class group ...'.

Read more about class groups

Once you are linked to a class group, an ISP is automatically proposed. All compulsory course units of your programma stage (first year, second or third year) are ticked. You will have to tick any optional courses yourself.



  1. Make sure all course units you want to take in the current academic year are checked in your ISP.
  2. For each ticked course unit you also need to select an event (where possible) and confirm it by clicking on the event icon.
  3. The event to select is the event of the class group you are assigned to.

    E.g. you are assigned to class group 1B BM/1M: then you select the first event for the course 'business management' for students from class groups 1B BM/1M1, 1B BM/1M2 and 1B BM/1M3.

For the courses that work with automatic class group assignment

For those programmes that work with individual allocation by the programme

Step 3: 

Save your ISP temporarily or send your ISP

If you are not yet sure on the choices you have made and you want to review your ISP at a later time, please save your ISP temporarily.

When all course units you will follow are indicated in your ISP, send your ISP. Do this as soon as possible, so the Student Administrative Services Centre can check (and approve) your ISP. Be careful: once you have sent your ISP, you can no longer make changes yourself.

Do not forget to send your ISP before 15 October !

As soon as your ISP has been approved, your details will be passed on to the government and the child benefit fund (if applicable).

Need help with your ISP registration? A practical question?

Contact the Student Administrative Services Centre