Laptop system requirements

I already have a laptop...

I am going to buy a laptop...

but I want to know if it's suitable for my programme. Yes, we can help: check below whether your laptop meets the system requirements.

Basic Advanced Pro *

Ryzen 3 (4th generation)

or Intel i3 (9th generation)

Ryzen 3 (4th generation)

or Intel i3 (9th generation)

Ryzen 5 (4th generation)

or Intel i5 (9th generation)

8GB 16GB 16GB
256GB 256GB 256GB

13 à 15 inch

13 à 15 inch 15 inch
integrated integrated integrated

Preferably a wireless network card that supports 802.11 ac. We do not recommend using a laptop with only b/g/n WIFI standard any more.

The laptop must be equipped with a webcam.

* For the programme with 'Pro+' (see below), we recommend a Ryzen 7 or Intel i7 and a dedicated graphics card.

Bachelor's programmes
Programme Model
Business management Advanced