Need a laptop and software?

Once you are enrolled, you can access the software portal for Academic software. Here, you will find all the software and tools you may use during your course; added to this, you can ask for personal support for its installation and use on Signpost.

Of course, you may instal it on your own personal laptop too. By offering these facilities, we want to ensure that every student has legal software at his or her disposal. it will make studying with your own laptop a lot easier, both on and off campus!

All students have access to a programme-specific software bundle. Some programmes have extended this bundle with extra programmes, making it slightly more expensive. You can check the cost at Programme-specific Costs.

We have an attractive basic deal for ALL students which includes:

  • Windows 10 licence
  • Office 365 online and local installation
  • OneDrive storage space of 1 TB
  • McAfee Antivirus
  • Combell WebHosting and your own domain name
  • Access to Alinea text-to-speech software
  • SPSS: software for statistical analyses


  1. 1

    I already have a laptop, can I use it?

    You already have a laptop, but would like to know if it is suitable for your course? Of course, we can help. Check whether your laptop meets the system requirements for your programme.

    Check the system requirements

  2. 2

    I want to buy a laptop. What do you recommend?

    Of course, you are free to buy your laptop wherever you want. Check the system requirements for your programme below:

    Check the system requirements

    You might like to know that Odisee has teamed up with Academic Shop to put together a very attractive offer just for you, including an extensive guarantee.

    Go to the web shop

    What are the main advantages?

    • Choice of professional devices;
    • 3 years of 'next-school-day support' at your home, on campus or in your student accommodation - for your device and your battery;
    • If we can help straight away, you will get a free replacement device with a copy of all your data transferred to the replacement device;
    • The 3-year guarantee remains valid even after your graduation.


  3. 3

    Paying off your laptop month by month?

    Yes, it can. At this web shop, you can buy the device that Odisee suggests for the BYOD project (Bring Your Own Device). You choose the device according what’s needed for your programme.

    Check the offer 

  4. 4

    What about Apple?

    At Odisee, we do not recommend the use of a MacBook because certain software only works under a Windows operating system. If you are really a die-hard Mac user, please remember that it will involve additional challenges:

    • You will need a Windows 10 installation
    • Some MacBooks require virtualization software
    • Your MacBook must be have enough disk space (500GB)
    • Your Max OSX must be up to date
  5. 5

    Can I count on extra support?

    Yes, of course!

    • An urgent problem with your laptop? No problem at all. When you run into unforeseen circumstances, we will help you out!
    •  If you need financial help to buy your laptop, you can contact our STUVO+ Student Facilities Department. They will work with you to find the best solution.

    Financial assistance from the university

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    Which software do I need for my programme?

    You will find the complete list of software you need for your programme here:

    Software overview

    Once you are enrolled, you can download and install the software via the software portal

    More information about the costs is available here:

    Programme-specific Costs