Need software?

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    What does my software cost?

    Every student receives a basic bundle of software. We pay for this for you!

    Some programs have extended this bundle with extra programs that are payable. As a university, we also bear part of the cost of these extra programs and we limit your share to €20 or maximum €50.

    You can check here which package you need:

    Program-specific costs

    The extra software bundle, determined by your program, is mandatory learning material. The cost will be included with the study cost in accordance with this procedure (in Dutch). You can find your software cost through the student platform, which you can clear through an online payment.

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    What software within my course?

    Odisee offers every student a wide range of software and tools with which you can start your studies without worries. A selection from the basic bundle:

    • Most recent Windows version
    • Antivirus software
    • Office 365
    • Project and Visio
    • OneDrive cloud storage
    • Web hosting and own domain name
    • Reading software
    • And more...

    Some courses use very specific software, you can find the complete software overview for your course here:

    Software overview

    This way we make sure that every student can use the software in a legal and safe way on his laptop.

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    How can I download and install my software?

    You can download and install all the software from the Academic Software portal. If your program uses additional paying software, the software is available immediately after payment through the student platform.

    You don't have access to Odisee's student platform yet? First activate your Odisee account via


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    Additional info or questions?

    Do you have additional questions about software? Are you having problems downloading or installing software? Is there any software missing from your list?

    For all your software related questions you can contact Academic Software Support via the Help Center, live chat, mail( or phone (+32 (0) 3 327 30 70).

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