All campuses start in code green

Good news! On Monday, September 20, the academic year starts in code green on all campuses.

We also know that the situation in Brussels is more difficult. The virus circulates more strongly there and the vaccination level is lower. That is why we will make a distinction between the Brussels and other campuses in our corona policy.

Corona policy on the Brussels Campus (incl. Terranova), Dilbeek Campus and Schaarbeek Campus

  • Wearing the mouth mask

A general obligation to wear a mouth mask: you wear your mouth mask on campus, in the corridors, and especially in the classrooms and auditoriums.

  • Catering service

The sandwich bar is open. So you can order a sandwich and take it away. The student restaurant does not serve hot meals. You can have your lunch in the student restaurant of your campus.

Corona policy at Aalst Campus, Technology Campus Ghent and Sint-Niklaas Campus

  • Wearing the mouth mask

You wear your mouth mask on campus, in the lecture halls and auditoriums when social distance (1,5 m) cannot be respected.

  • Catering service

The student restaurants are open and hot meals are available.

infodag 26 juni brussel

Don't you feel well? Then stay home

  • Only follow the classes of your own class schedule. Do not join a parallel class.
  • On campus, you ALWAYS wear a nasal mask: in class, during recess, ...
  • Be gallant and keep your distance at all times at five feet.
  • Practice strict hand hygiene: wash hands regularly, sneeze into your elbow and blow your nose with a paper tissue.
  • Always follow directions and circulation plans.