Elderly Care Research Centre

The Centre for Research on Elderly Care is linked to the study area Health Care and is dedicated to practice-based research on shaping and improving care for the elderly.

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The future of elderly care is a major social issue. In this Research Centre, we focus on the contribution that our research can make to answering this issue. Our research focuses on the ageing person, with particular attention to processes such as active ageing, empowerment and participation, without losing sight of the complexity of the individual ageing process. In our systemic approach to care, we also have an eye for the older person as someone who is part of different systems and relationships. Therefore, at the same time, within this empowerment vision, our research assigns an important role to the (care) environment of the older person. We do this by looking, among other things, at how the professional carer or informal carer can provide well-considered care or how adapted care technology can be used.

  • We actively work on setting up and carrying out research in elderly care and on disseminating, implementing and anchoring our research results. In this way, we hope to increase awareness and the impact of research within the field of care for the elderly. Our research contributes to the search for solutions that improve the quality of care, life and well-being of elderly people.
  • It is our ambition to strengthen the existing connection between research and education, both regular education and continuing education, so that it remains of high quality in terms of subject matter and connects to current issues in (professional) practice.
  • Finally, we want our research to contribute to care innovation (in the broad sense) and have an impact on both knowledge infrastructure and social developments.

In our research projects, we involve numerous organisations and interested parties, including individuals, care and welfare institutions, local governments, the government, businesses, educational institutions, as well as civil society.

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