Family Studies

Students are trained to offer adequate family support, both in a scientifically substantiated way and with a lot of empathy and presence. Students learn to understand human and social relations from a family sciences' perspective and to assist and support families in a professional way.

The Traineeship and Advanced Traineeship offer the knowledge and skills in order to understand and coach personal and family dynamics in the field of children, youngster, adult and/or senior care.

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To apply for registration, follow the procedure as described on our page. 


  • These courses are open to students in Family Sciences, Social & Educational Sciences and Health Care.
  • The courses consist of lectures and workshops. During the placement period students work 3 days per week and attend lectures 1 day per two weeks at Odisee.
  • Number of European credits: 17.
  • Autumn or spring semester.

Campus Schaarbeek

These courses are implemented at the Odisee Campus of Family Sciences in Schaarbeek and in a care or policy organisation in Brussels or Flanders.

Student services

How does Odisee approach inclusive education? What extra services does Odisee offer to its students? And have you heard of the Odibuddy project?

Find out more on our counseling page below. 


As a registered student, you are insured for the study-related activities at Odisee, with the civil liability policy and with the collective insurance for accidents, after intervention of the health insurance company.