Real Estate

In this programme you are trained to become a multidisciplinary professional who can be mobilised immediately and have thorough scientific competences and communication skills. The programme aims to deliver polyvalent and extensively trained professionals who can work independently and as part of a team in an entrepreneurial and efficient way in four professional fields: real estate mediation, management, promotion and expertise.

A proper sense of responsibility, deontology and ethics is needed. The objectives are achieved within an empowering environment that encourages cooperation and interaction where students can reach their full potential. We are achieving these objectives within an empowering environment that encourages cooperation and interaction, where students can reach their full potential.

We focus on four professional fields as we believe that young bachelor students need to explore different professional angles during their studies. By the end of their studies, students can increase their understanding of the aspects of their choice so that they can choose their future career based on their own talents and intrinsic motivation.

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To apply for registration, follow the procedure as described on our page. 


  • Number of European credits: 19.
  • The courses are open to Real Estate students.
  • The courses contain work projects, a traineeship, educational visits... 
  • Spring semester, traineeship (6 weeks) only possible from February to March.

Campus Aalst

These courses are implemented at the Odisee Campus in Aalst.

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Campus Brussels

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Campus Ghent

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Student services

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As a registered student, you are insured for the study-related activities at Odisee, with the civil liability policy and with the collective insurance for accidents, after intervention of the health insurance company.