Remote class

Kaltura recordings

If your teacher would use knowledge clips and lesson recordings that you can view asynchronously,
you can start the recording via the play button, you can adjust the volume and you can make use of a table of contents that is offered. You can also determine the size and position of the camera and the PC image.

Kaltura lesopname in Toledo

Live lessons via Microsoft Teams

When your teacher chooses to teach live, you will find the invitation to that lesson in your Outlook or Microsoft Teams calendar.

To the right you will find an instruction video (in Dutch) as well as some tips to make sure you can follow the lesson as well as possible.
Go through these steps before your class actually starts.

TIPS follow a lesson via MS Teams

  1. Provide a fast network connection
  2. Preferably use a headset
  3. Turn off webcam and microphone when not speaking
  4. Send your questions via the chat function
  5. Provide a quiet location where you will not be disturbed
  6. Provide good lighting when using the webcam
  7. Be online 15 minutes earlier than the actual start
Teams op laptop