A Bridge Too Far ?

Within this project, DUBiT is developing a hands-on practical guide and training concerning the use, design and installation of a cathodic protection system for the lifetime extension of existing concrete structures. The need for sustainable repair techniques, long-term vision and adequate spending of the renovation budget is essential. Within this project, the existing expertise is reinforced through consultation with the field, qualitative market research, inventory of existing cases and experimental research on a laboratory scale. An actual cathodic protection system on the campus in Aalst will serve as a demo set-up that is part of a unique course offered by Odisee in Belgium.

Betonnen brug

Cathodic protection as a sustainable repair technique for life extension of existing (civil) concrete constructions. Within DUBiT, we try to provide an answer to the pressing question: how can damage to concrete bridges be tackled in a sustainable manner?

DUBiT wants to be a pioneer in putting cathodic protection on the map as a sustainable concrete repair technique in Belgium, with the following strategy: raise awareness -> inform -> advise -> activate.

Our partners

  • Sanacon bv
  • Research group DuEL, Antwerp¬†University

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