GE-START – Qualifying Program for Social professionals

Qualifying Program for Social professionals

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Vlaams Welzijnsverbond, SOM, VIVO, Jes en Dbroej. Dit project gebeurt met de financiële steun van het Europees Sociaal Fonds (ESF).

European Social Fund (ESF)

GE_START: Qualifying Program for Social professionals

The GE-START project aims to set up living labs to empower people who are already working as a social professional but don’t have a proper qualification for the job yet. The project focuses on training people on the job, on strengthening the competences they already have,  and on detecting and acknowledging relevant knowhow from previous jobs and experiences.


From January 2020 until December 2022 we will be experimenting in small learning groups in which students will be trained in a number of skills that are important for social professionals. Secondly they are prepared for an official RPAC-procedure (recognition of previously acquiered competences).

During these sessions we are working on the empowerment of the social professional as an individual, as a life long learner and on the basic attitudes for social professionals.

The project is experimenting with a preparatory year for people who want to enroll in a regular course in social work, family studies or the field of orthopedagogy.

We hope to identify and tackle barriers to the enrollment in higher education and want to research and test the possibilities that lie within RPAC, microdegrees and a more inclusive approach for students in general.

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