Student athlete

Do you want to combine top-level sports with studying at Odisee? Request a student athlete status from the sports coordinator. This status will allow you to obtain education and/or exam facilities which allow you to combine top-level sports and studies. The Top-Level Sport Committee will determine whether or not you are eligible.

Minimum requirements to apply for a student athlete status:

  • You practice a sporting discipline included in the Sport Vlaanderen/GAISF list.
  • You meet the predetermined sporting level. The conditions below give an indication of the sporting level we are aiming for:
    • Included in an Olympic/Paralympic performance or development programme of the sports federation
    • Participation in international competitions
    • Selected for national junior and/or senior team
    • Being selected to participate in Universiade, Belgian championship, European championship, world championship
    • Individual sports: being recognised as a promising athlete (federation)
    • Team sports: being a member of a team playing in the highest Belgian division (football: 2 highest divisions)These conditions are a guideline and not binding. The decision on granting the student athlete status is taken on the basis of the entire application.

In addition to the sporting level, the number of training hours and the competition calendar are also important criteria for granting a student athlete status. Each application will be evaluated based on these three criteria. Depending on meeting the requirements, you can receive a student athlete status A, B or C. Each of these statutes entitle you to certain educational and/or examination facilities. Based on the application you submit, the assessment committee will either grant one of these three statuses or reject the application.

Submit your application by Oct. 15 (1st semester) or Feb. 25 (2nd semester). These deadlines are strictly respected.

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