Contact the Student Services Department (STUVO)

The Student Services Department, or STUVO, is here for you. Studying in higher education is not always easy. You can reach out to us for comprehensive support and services during your study career.


Social services' office

You can contact the social services' office for questions about tuition fees,  payment in installments and other questions regarding financial aid.

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Learn about personal (psychological) guidance, inclusive facilities, training courses, workshops, study advice, ... We do our very best to support you optimally during your studies! 



We are happy to offer you help with your search for suitable student accommodation and can give you advice on the cost, where and when to start your search and other helpful tips. We can also give you advice in case of problems with your landlord.

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Sports, culture and recreation

Sports and exercise, enjoy culture, performances, recreational and student activities... Or why not organize something yourself? Discover the possibilities at STUVO!

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Am I entitled to a discount if I come by bus, subway or train? Can I rent a bicycle and what does it cost? Can I park on or near campus? Find it out here!

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Education and examination ombuds

The education and examination ombuds will help you with education and/or examination problems. The ombuds watches over your rights and obligations, listens to your questions, and mediates when that would be necessary.

Find out where to find STUVO


Onthaalbureau 2Z30
Kwalestraat 154
9320 Nieuwerkerken

Tel: 053 72 71 70

STUVO Brussel

't Serclaes A - 1e verdiep
Warmoesberg 26
1000 Brussel

Tel: 02 210 13 19

STUVO Dilbeek

Lokaal P.0202
Stationsstraat 301
1700 Dilbeek

Tel: 02 466 51 51


Permanentiebureau A004
Gebroeders De Smetstraat 1
9000 Gent

Tel: 09 331 65 02

STUVO Schaarbeek

Gentiaan - 2e verdiep
Huart Hamoirlaan 136
1030 Brussel (Schaarbeek)

Tel: 02 240 68 40

STUVO Sint-Niklaas

Bureau 022 (Annick Haentjens) - Bureau 031 (Els Van Eetvelt)
Bureau 210 (Kim Van Puyvelde & Nathalie Van Praet) - Bureau 211 (Carine Verdickt)
Hospitaalstraat 23
9100 Sint-Niklaas

Tel: 03 776 43 48

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