When do I need permission from a learning path coach?

To maximise your chances of success, it is sometimes necessary or advisable to have a personal interview with a learning path coach before registering.


Jongeman legt iets uit met zijn handen

When is an interview mandatory?

  • If you want to register for one of the following programmes:
    • a programme via distance learning
    • a micro-credential (n/a for the micro-credentials of the programme agro and biotechnology and  for the micro-credentials Social change and Working with people: basic skills)
    • Bachelor of Nursing - bridging programme
    • Associate Degree of Accounting Administration (campus Sint-Niklaas)
    • Associate Degree of Renewable Energy Systems working student (campus Aalst )
    • Associate Degree of Education: Secondary Education
    • Bachelor of Education: Secondary Education - 1 teaching subject (campus Sint-Niklaas)
    • Bachelor of Education: Primary Education - short programme - workplace learning (campus Brussels)
    • Bachelor of Education: School Development (bachelor-after-bachelor)
    • Shared course education programmes for students of Association KU Leuven
  • If you want to register after specific deadlines.

    You should preferably register before the start of the academic year and no later than the 10th of October.

    Those registering for a programme that offers a new route at the start of the second semester shall do so by the 25th of February at the latest.
    If you want to join an ongoing route for courses of the second semester shall do so by the 25th of February at the latest after consulting with the learning path coach.

    Registration after this date is only allowed if the cluster gives the permission to do so, and after consulting with the learning path coach. From 15 March onwards registration is no longer allowed.

If you receive an admission form after the interview, you can register.


When is an interview advisable?

  • If you are in possession of a secondary school diploma obtained through vocational education.
  • If you wish to register with an individualized study track, for example because of exemptions, it is best to discuss this with the learning path coach.