Working student

Do you combine your studies with a job? Perhaps you are eligible for a working student status. This status entitles you to certain adjustments in the education and/or exam regulations.

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Working Student Status

For whom?

You are eligible for a working student status if you work at least 80 hours a month.


You can apply for a working student status at the Student Administrative Office of your campus, together with the necessary certificates. Once the status is granted, the Student Administrative Office informs the head of the programme, the learning path coach and the ombuds service.


Reasonable adjustments to the education regulations should be discussed with the head of the programme and/or the learning path coach. Do this on time and at the latest 2 weeks before the start of the educational activity in question.

For adjustments to the exam regulations you contact the ombuds service of your campus. Do this within 2 weeks after the announcement of the exam schedule.

If you are entitled to reschedule your exams outside the exam period, you should take into account the following deadlines

  • 1 December for the first exam period;
  • before the Easter holidays for the second exam period;
  • For the third exam period, no spreading of exams is organized.
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