Activate accounts for Staff

You will receive an e-mail message for the activation of your Odisee account. This e-mail contains your account name and your temporary password.

Now follow the steps below to activate your account.

3 studenten aan een computer in een leslokaal

Step 1

Surf to You will see a login page from Microsoft.

Step 2

Enter your Odisee e-mail address and click on Next.

Step 3

You will be redirected to an Odisee login page.
Enter your temporary password and click on Log in.

Step 4

You will be notified that more information is needed to complete the account activation process
Choose Next.

Step 5

Before you start registering security info

To successfully register your security info, you need the 'Microsoft Authenticator' app.
It's best to install this app on your smartphone now so you can follow the instructions below.

Do you have an Android smartphone? Then you can find the app on the Google Play Store:
Do you have an Apple smartphone? Then you can find the app on the Apple App Store:

Step 6

You will get another message that you need the'Microsoft Authenticator' app, choose'Next'.

Without this app, you can't continue. See step 5 to install it.

Choose Next here too

Step 7

  • Open the Authenticator app on your smartphone and choose'Add account
  • Choose'Work or School account
  • On the next screen you choose'Scan a QR code
  • You now scan the QR code on your computer screen, the account is added to the Authenticator app and you choose'Next'.
Authenticator app

Step 8

You will now see the following window on your computer. At the same time a request is sent to the app on your smartphone which you have to approve or the registration cannot be completed.

Goedkeuren account activeren personeel

Step 9


If you have approved the application in the app on your smartphone, you will now see a confirmation on your PC that the application has been approved.

Account activeren goedgekeurd

Step 10

You have now linked the app on your smartphone to your account! You have registered security info!
You can now use this method for a 2nd factor. Now that the security info has been successfully registered, choose 'Done'.

Step 11

You must now set your new password.
At 'Current password' you choose the temporary password you received by email. Finally you click on Log in.

Step 12

You will now be directed to
Your account has been activated