Bicycle Facilities at Schaarbeek

Our capital has put a lot of effort into its cycling infrastructure in recent years, with bicycles gaining ground on 'King Car'. Large parts of the city centre are either car-free or pedestrianised. But be warned: Brussels is built on seven hills and it just so happens that Campus Brussels is located on Warmoesberg. After a few years at university, you will undoubtedly be in good shape as well as acquiring a diploma.

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Rent a bike

No transport worries with Villo!

Campus Schaarbeek is located on the very pleasant, broad Huart Hamoir Avenue. Nonetheless, the bustling heart of our capital and a range of city sights and lots of places for fun nights out are only a quarter of an hour away by bike. There are several Villo! bike stations near Campus Schaarbeek

With a Villo bike, you can get around Brussels seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to go to class, to the shops or to visit friends. The Villo! stations are located 450 metres from each other, making it easy to get around. The handy Villo! app helps you to find the nearest station with available bikes at a moment’s notice. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can find out exactly where the bike stations are on the Villo! website.

Villo! annual subscription with student discount

A one-year subscription to Villo! costs € 32.60 but with Brik you can get a 50% discount for the first year. Ask for your unique discount code on Brik’s website and use it when you order your subscription to Villo!


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