Bachelor of Business Management with a major in Marketing

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Odisee Business School is a department of Odisee University College. In Brussels Odisee shares its campus facilities with the KU Leuven. This leads to a fairly unique environment in which academic bachelor and master trainings of the KU Leuven and the more practical business oriented bachelor degree programmes at Odisee realize a symbiotic learning experience. Academic learning and practical knowledge application go hand in hand.

Level: Professional Bachelor programme
Language: English 
Degree: Bachelor of Business Management
Duration: 3 years, 180 ECTS credits
Type: daytime education
Contact: Coordinator
+ 32 2 609 88 07

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The curriculum

Bachelor of Business Management with a major in Marketing. Small alterations are possible.


Why study business management at Odisee?

Major marketing companies are constantly looking for spirited commercial staff or marketing people. Are you flexible? Do you feel that you have a commercial talent and that you have good communication skills? Do you have a keen interest in the exciting world of marketing and communications, distribution, sales, event management and international business? Then you will love our Marketing Major.

“Study business where business is done”

Tuition fee

Students that register for a degree contract and for one year of full-time studying (60 credits ) pay EUR 947,20.

Tuition fee


Close to the ’ beautiful Grand’ place and the swinging downtown shopping area. The E.U. district is only two metro stops away. So you will be fully immerged in the brisk life of the European capital.

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Why study BBM at Odisee?

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Careers in marketing & sales

As a marketer you’re always looking for new ways to satisfy your target group’s needs and to market products or services. You will advise on new markets and products. You take care of smart communication campaigns and other ways to make a product or a service desirable. Marketing and sales tasks often go hand in hand. One thing is certain: the job never gets boring.

Career possibilities

Tutoring and guidance

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A lot of variation

We offer a practice-oriented training but we always have an eye for the strong theoretical underpinnings.They develop a broad range of skills in the field of marketing (including e-marketing), ICT and communication in foreign languages. We also encourage our students to develop excellent social skills to strenghten their ability to establish business contacts.

From general to more specific

Our marketing training has three critical cornerstones: specialist marketing study, foreign languages and computer science. The specialist study covers everything ranging from broad marketing to very specific marketing niches. Business cases support everything we teach. Guest speakers, conferences, company visits, workshops and projects are all part of our training. Moreover, according to your interests and future plans, you can take a number of electives.

Intense contact with companies

Intense contacts with business is the core characteristic of your practice-based marketing Bachelor study. Guest speakers, company visits and in-company-projects help you discover what doing business in real companies is all about.

Business environment

In the first year of your bachelor studies we focus first of all on the business environment of marketing activities. We therefore help you to discover:

  • the financial and legal context of doing business. 
  • the internal behavior and external processes that influence the commercial activities of a company.
  • the major principles of economics. (Prior study of economics is an advantage but not a strict necessity).
Customer needs

In a next step we teach you to identify and anticipate customers' needs by gathering information on consumer behavior and the marketing environment. You also get acquainted with purchasing, production and distribution management as they are vital in the marketing process.

Communication & ICT

In the international business world IT skills and excellent communication skills in English but also in other foreign languages are essential. Apart from studying English at an advanced level our students must choose between various levels of French, Spanish, German and Dutch. Students that have acquired intermediate communication skills in French prior to their bachelor studies are expected to take the advanced level course. 

Marketing Mix

In the second year we cover the marketing mix (the famous P’s). You learn to organize resources to satisfy the customer needs in a way that builds long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with your purveyor as well as with your clients. We offer you the resources to understand customer psychology. Whereas in the first year you get a sound theoretical basis in your second year our training has a strong practical orientation and is fully case study based. Skilled instructors bring the value of their real-world project experiences into the classroom via seminars and projectwork.

Marketing & Commercial Management

In the third year the core of your programme is Marketing Management as well as Commercial Management. Yet, you are expected to spice your curriculum by choosing at least one or more elective modules that broaden or deepen the scope of your discipline.

Job market

In your sixth semester we give an edge on the job market: we take you out of the classroom for a practical internship in an international company abroad or in the Brussels business world. Here you get your own project to follow-up. This implies that you do whatever research it takes and that you write a solid management advisory paper. Through this industrial experience you show that you have acquired  a wide range of critical and analytical skills, along with a range of communication and teamworking skills, which are  directly transferable to the workplace whatever career you choose to follow.