Technology Campus Ghent

Technology Campus Ghent is a large, friendly campus in very leafy surroundings. You will find yourself on a living campus with a strong focus on sustainability. Here, on this cheerful, lively campus, we believe in making the most of your personal talents and in good interactions with companies and businesses in a range of industries. There’s plenty of exciting things to do on campus too. It’s within easy walking and cycling distance of the centre. The Technology Campus is easy to reach: trams and buses stop in front of it and there is free parking on campus. And who knows, perhaps we can be reached by water in the near future. You’ll be sharing this lively campus with 3,500 fellow students.

campus gent

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Contact details

Technology Campus Ghent
Gebroeders De Smetstraat 1
9000 Ghent

T: 09 265 86 10

Opening hours

The campus is open on week days from 8am to 5pm.

In accordance with government COVID-19 guidelines, our campuses are open to students and staff only and not to external visitors barring a few exceptions.

Campus Manager

Food and drinks

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the student restaurant and Sandwich Bar Rabotaria are both closed at the moment, a measure we have been forced to take to contain the virus as much as possible. Lunch facilities on campus will be available once more as from 7 September 2021, in the designated areas in the student restaurant and Rabotaria.

Sandwich Bar Rabotaria has a small range of takeaway meals.

Rabotaria is open every week day between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

  • Rabotaria offers a range of sandwiches, soups, pasta-filled cartons, salads, desserts and drinks (only takeaway).
  • You can only pay by debit card and contactless
  • You can use vending machines for drinks and drinking water fountains again

 All rubbish should be deposited in the rubbish bins. Keep it clean!.

The student restaurant in Block B opens every lesson day at 11.15 a.m. for snacks and soup.

Hot meals are available between 11.30 a.m. and 2 p.m. The daily menu features fresh soup, two pasta dishes, a (vegetarian) dish of the day and a dish of the week. We have an unwavering belief that meals should be tasty, healthy and affordable for students: a dish of the day costs € 4.10.

During exam periods, we offer a slightly different range of food.

Stay safe, and keep others safe.

Why choose our campus?


Gent groene campus

Green campus in bustling Ghent

Top priority for us is the integration of rest areas and green in our campus. A lively, bustling campus but with space for silence and mental stillness. We also focus on biodiversity so that everyone who respects nature can have a pleasant stay.

Gent living campus

Living campus

As a student, you will spend most of your daily life on and around our campus. Our campus must therefore be a place where you feel comfortable, safe, supported and secure. Not only students, but anyone who sets foot on our living campus must immediately feel ‘at home’. And if we blur the border between work/campus and home, the stress-reducing effect will radiate towards everyone in the direct vicinity of the campus residents, and vice versa. This is how we immediately create a maximum result with positive vibes that reflect back on campus life.

moderne infrastructuur

Modern infrastructure

Our campus has the latest new infrastructure already up and running. Sustainability and quality are key components here. With its modern infrastructure, the campus is a stimulating oasis where young entrepreneurship can blossom and grow.

Gent duurzame campus

Sustainable campus

How sustainable is tomorrow's world? Odisee is tackling this topic head on, because we want to live in a society that is as pleasant as possible — tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and all the days that follow.

We challenge our students to think up innovative solutions for current and future societal issues. Like ecology, climate, mobility, social integration and inclusion, citizenship, etc. Which is why we are actively working to achieve sustainable campuses and to bring that as close as possible to the everyday life of our students.

To optimally utilise the available space as well as the sense of space, we want to invite everyone to explore the entire campus. We want them to regularly step off the ‘standard path’ by welcoming them in open green zones between the different buildings, where it’s pleasant to relax. With respect for fauna and flora. To do this, we are focusing on a campus design which feels organic and more intuitive walking routes.

Gent iedereen welkom

Everyone is welcome

To optimally use our talents and to ‘shine’, we need to ‘feel comfortable in our own skin’ and be able to be who we really are. Our surroundings directly influence our personal well-being.

Ghent has always been a solidary city, a pioneer in equal opportunities. For example, Ghent was the country’s first city to have a Complaints Bureau for Discrimination (Meldpunt Discriminatie) and the first to launch the Rainbow Statement (Regenboogverklaring). This formed the foundation for the further gender policy at local level in Ghent. As a campus, we want to work on this too!

Gent catering

Food and drinks

When you walk into our student restaurant, you will find a multifunctional space bathed in natural light. Thanks to the different zones and atmospheres, there is a place for everyone here. Do you like to work in a train carriage, or do you prefer a creative session on a poof? Want more workspace at one of the large tables? Or do you feel more comfortable at a high bar/standing table? Choices like these are motivating, right? Fixed and loose furniture, lighting, colour choices, ceiling finishes and heights, acoustics, integrated technologies... everything receives attention in our student restaurant.

Tram Gent

Easily accessible

Our campus is easily accessible by public transport, bike or car.

Click here for directions.

Gent fiets

Just a bike ride away from student city Ghent

When you say Ghent, you say bicycles. The easiest and quickest way to travel to and from campus is probably to cycle. After all, Ghent was named a bicycle city in 2018. Just a bit of pedalling and you are in student city Ghent.

Gent waterfront


Our campus is located near the water, close to the Coupure. In fine weather, this is a great place to relax.

Soak up the atmosphere!

Gent sfeerbeeld
gent campus
Sfeerbeeld Gent
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gent campus
gent campus
gent campus
Gent sfeerbeeld

Virtual Tour

Technology Campus Ghent is a large but friendly, green campus with a special focus on the environment.

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