First registration

If you would like to register for an associate degree or bachelor programme and you are new at Odisee, start your online registration here.

Enrolling in an educational bachelor's programme?

If you want to enrol for an educational bachelor's programme (nursery / primary / secondary), you are required to take one or more starter tests. More information on this can be found here (in Dutch). 

You do not need to include the proof of participation in your application for enrolment. You can therefore send your application now. We will check your participation in a database.

1. Registration request

Are you a new student? 

  • First, check which documents you need for your registration and get them ready on your device.
  • Start your registration request here.
    Afterwards, you can also make changes or upload documents via this link.
    ATTENTION: due to a technical problem, it is currently not possible to launch or open the online registration. Please try it again later. Thank you for your understanding.

Open the online registration tool through Google Chrome. The tool is only supported by this browser.

We start the academic year on the 25 of September 2023 and recommend that you submit your application for enrolment 2 weeks before the start of classes. This will ensure a smooth start.


2. Complete the registration process

  • Choose your programme and fill out your personal information.
  • Upload a photo (JPEG) and the required documents (JPEG or PDF).
  • Confirm your registration and log out.



3. Done!

You will receive an email confirming your application for registration.









4. Check your mailbox!

The Student Administrative Services Centre will process your application.

If you have applied: your application will be processed:
in the period from the beginning of March to the beginning of July between the end of June and 8 July
between 9 July and 15 August from 16 August
after 15 August as soon as possible after receipt of your application

After processing, you will receive your certificates for the purchase of your public transport ticket, your account statement and all practical information to get started with your studies.

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