Occupational Therapy

The Erasmus Study of Occupational Therapy offers traineeships in two different domains, combined with several optional courses. Practical skills will be trained in clinical departments, applying the theoretical knowledge from an evidence-based framework. You can also train your research skills, language skills, or technological knowledge by choosing one of the study courses.

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To apply for registration, follow the procedure as described on our page.


  • These courses are open to Occupational Therapy students. 
  • Traineeships are offered in different domains of the work field, working four days per week. Students also attend Odisee Campus Terranova in Brussels during one week with workshops and coaching moments, to make a short bachelor project.
  • Possibilities to interdisciplinary courses with other disciplines such as Nursery and Medical Imaging.
  • Number of European credits: 16-22.
  • Autumn or spring semester.

Campus Brussels-Terranova

These courses are managed from Campus Terranova in Brussels. 

International office

Campus Brussels
Warmoesberg 26
1000 Brussels
+32 2 609 81 00
Campus Ghent
Gebroeders De Smetstraat 1
9000 Ghent
+32 9 267 27 22 

Student services

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As a registered student, you are insured for the study-related activities at Odisee, with the civil liability policy and with the collective insurance for accidents, after intervention of the health insurance company.