Sport and culture

Every student needs a dose of relaxation on a regular basis!
Sports and exercise, enjoying culture, performances, leisure and student-oriented activities... Or why not organise something yourself?

The possibilities for an exciting student life are endless!
Read more about the possibilities below.


Sport activities and events

If you’d like to know which activities there are for sports, leisure or competitions, take a look at our website’s calendar!

Would you like to organise a sports activity yourself?
Get in touch with the STUVO colleague for student activities on your campus. We’d be happy to help you get started!

Swim tickets

STUVO offers tickets to the VUB swimming pool in Etterbeek at a reduced rate: € 2 instead of € 4,20.

Stop by our offices to buy your swimming ticket(s).
Campus Brussels: STUVO 1st floor T'Serclaes

Sports discount

Our STUVO sports discount encourages you to start practising sports or to keep fit during the academic year. You can get a refund for the sport you like! This is for 20% of the membership you paid for with a maximum of €30!

What conditions do I need to meet?

  • You are a student at campus Brussels.
  • You have an agreement with a recognized sports club in Flanders. We use the overview drawn up by Sport Vlaanderen (website in Dutch only).
  • You join a sports club for at least 10 lessons, a 3-month subscription or 1 year.

When do I submit my application?

You must submit your application for reimbursement at the latest on 30 December for the first semester and 30 June for the second semester. Please note that we can only process applications in the same calendar year that you entered into an agreement with your sports club.

How can I cash my sports reimbursement ?

Send us all the necessary information by email: sports, sports club, info membership, proof of payment and membership (PDF attached), your personal details, student number, address and IBAN account number.

Do you have questions? Send an e-mail to the sports representative at your campus.



Student sports Flanders

Student Sport Flanders organizes championships for students in higher education.

"Sport and studying, successfully combined". This is the motto of Student Sports Flanders that we follow as an institution. That is why we delegate as many sports teams and individual athletes as possible to the annual student sports championships.

Individual sports

Throughout the academic year you can compete with other students in your sport. Check out what's on offer and register at Studentensport Vlaanderen. We pay your registration fee when you participate in the student sports championships.

Sports teams

We like to put our teams together by mid-October. So apply as soon as possible for one of the sports teams we focus on as an institution. Depending on the number of applications we will organize possible selections. Depending on the team spirit and training possibilities we will prepare you for the sports competitions together with the rest of the team.
Do you want to take the lead and do you see yourself as competent coach / team supervisor for one of the following sports? Then be sure to apply to a STUVO employee at your campus. Together with you, we will then look at the composition of the team and how we can support you as a coach.

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Sports facilities on campuses

Curious about the specific sports offer of your campus? Then read on here.


Cultural activities and events

If you’d like to know what we have to offer in the way of cultural, intriguing or relaxing activities, take a look at our website’s calendar!

Would you like to organise an activity, event, lecture or exhibition?
Get in touch with the STUVO colleague for student activities on your campus. We’d be happy to help you get started!

Student associations

There are many student clubs and councils on our campuses and they’re engaged in all sorts of matters.
They’re part of student life, and they encourage students to get involved in all aspects of it, either at your faculty, on campus or even all our campuses.

If you would like to know more, take a look below at the specific information for your campus.


Campus Brussels culture voucher

The STUVO Voucher is worth € 10 and can only be used by students at one of the following cultural centres on presentation of their student card:

Kaaitheater - Cinema RITCS - Beursschouwburg - Ancienne Belgique (AB) - RITCS café - Botanique.

You can only use the cheque once, but you can choose the performance, concert, activity, etc. for which you want to cash it in. You can use the voucher at one of the cultural centres.
The STUVO Voucher can only be used when you pay at the (advance)sales desk and not when you make an online reservation. The € 10 discount will be deducted immediately from the price of your ticket.

Just drop by STUVO+ ('t Serclaes, 1st floor) and you will receive the voucher immediately!

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What do we have on campus for culture vultures?

What’s on, culture-wise, specifically on your campus? Find out here!