Ten reasons to choose Odisee

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    Personal counseling from our coaches

    At Odisee, you are central. Moreover, you will work in small class groups. That means a lot of attention for the individual and no gap between student and teacher. Teachers know you. You can go to them with any questions you may have, and they will talk to you about your strengths. They know that you play in a music band, are a sports freak or a passionate scout leader. We also take a personal look at your results. For example, we follow your exam results individually so that together we can tailor your course perfectly to your needs and wishes. A relationship of trust is very important to us.

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    Refresher courses

    If, for example, you had little in the way of sciences or mathematics in secondary school, you can take a crash course in mid-September, even before you start the programme. Do you need extra support in the area of language? Then follow a language workshop. Throughout the year we also organise sessions on study training, study methods, study planning and exam training.

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    100% co-management of your talent

    Odisee goes all out for a talent approach: together with you, we look for your talents, interests and strengths. From the start of your studies, you will be given the opportunity to set your own priorities. You will make choices about course units, work placements and the way in which you complete assignments and projects. Every student is different and diversity is the norm for us. We encourage each individual differently to grow as much as possible in their learning process. Towards the end of the programme, you will increasingly immerse yourself in those elements that you prefer and that match your talents and passions.

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    Our teachers combine practice and lessons

    Our lecturers are professionals with extensive work experience in their field. They often combine teaching with a job or are researchers. And because we want to offer you the right training, we work together with various partners from the business and educational world.

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    Co-counseling with your studies

    Making the right choice of study quickly and well is not everyone's cup of tea. That is why we help you in your search for the right study. We hope that this website is a first step in that direction. During your studies, you can also always contact your lecturers and STUVO+, our student services. And even if your studies do not go 100% smoothly next year, we will offer you a helping hand with study tips, reorientation, etc.

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    Does the entrepreneurial blood flow in you? Do you have plans to start your own practice or organisation? At Odisee, you can develop your business plan in the Entrepreneurial Skills elective (ESKI). We also organise EntrepreneursCaffees for all your questions about entrepreneurship and we have a whole network of teachers and experts at our disposal for tailor-made advice. Do you want to get started during your studies? Then choose the status of student-entrepreneur.

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    Collegially international

    Odisee has an extensive national and international network. Every year, we welcome guest students from partner colleges and universities abroad. You will practice your foreign languages with them in between drinks. Most courses also go on (inter)national excursions and trips. But of course you can also participate in an exchange yourself. Many of our students do one or more work placements abroad, or take the opportunity to do part of their studies abroad. This is very useful for later, because international experience is an important asset on your CV.

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    First aid for laptop accidents

    Looking for a laptop? We have a great offer for you! Not a high-tech expert? Then feel free to drop by our ICT department. They will guide you in your search for the most suitable laptop and help you to remove annoying viruses and spam. Our experts are also at your service for printing, copying, scanning and logging in.

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    Cool kick-offs

    Before or at the start of the academic year, you are quickly immersed in university life. You get to know the Odisee approach, your fellow students, the city and the teachers. You learn about your study choice and approach. And each campus will provide you with a few start-up activities guaranteed to have fun at the beginning of your studies!

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    Cool student restaurants

    Our student restaurants and sandwich bars serve breakfast, sandwiches, soup, salads and hot meals every day. We resolutely opt for tasty and healthy meals at unbeatable student prices: a dish of the day costs about €4.

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