Want to become an Odibuddy yourself?

Do you like to help (international) fellow students? Do you like to be someone they can talk to? Do you like to answer practical questions and make the (new) students' college career as pleasant as possible? Then become an Odibuddy!

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6 reasons to become an Odibuddy!

  1. 1

    You get to know new people

    As an Odibuddy you become part of a community of Odibuddies who support and inspire each other. We like to organize some get-togethers among the Odibuddies. This way you get to know other buddies and exchange tips and experiences. 

    We also like to organise relaxing moments on campus with the Odibuddies as well as the students who appeal to an Odibuddy, for instance with a snack and a drink!

  2. 2

    You develop your communication and social skills

    Students can also come to you to talk! Don't panic, we will gladly give you tips and tricks for active listening, referring...

  3. 3

    Engage yourself for the benefit of others

    As an Odibuddy, you will be the point of contact for (new) students with all kinds of questions about student life, like "How do I order a sandwich?" or "How do I participate in activities?" Besides practical questions, you are also ready for a good chat! By helping students and sharing your knowledge, you can make a big difference for that one student. Expect grateful students and a big energy boost!

  4. 4

    Broaden your horizons and become the Odibuddy of an international student

    Are you curious to get to know other cultures and improve your intercultural skills? Within Odisee, there are some courses that are attended by international students. They may also need an Odibuddy!

  5. 5

    You can count on the support of STUVO and the Student Administration Service.

    Do you notice that the interviews are becoming too hard for you? Please note that you can call on STUVO. Our student psychologists will be happy to give you tips or take over if necessary!For administrative questions about enrolment, the start of the academic year, etc. contact your colleagues in the Student Administration Service.

  6. 6

    An enrichment for your CV

    To thank you for your commitment and active participation in this project, you will receive a declaration of commitment* at the end of the academic year, signed by both Harry Parys, director of Student & Talent as well as the student that is project leader of Odibuddy. This will enrich your CV and we would like to thank you for your commitment!

    This commitment statement will be handed out at the end of the academic year to all active Odibuddies that showed a commitment within this project.

What is expected of you as an Odibuddy?

  • You are an enthusiastic and positive person!
  • You are interested in providing support for your fellow students.

  • Important qualities for you are: openness, empathy, self-confidence, enthusiasm, respect and discretion!

  • A commitment of a full semester or academic year.

  • Involvement! The manner in which, you agree with the student. Every Odibuddy contact is different. Some students just need a point of contact, others need a person to have dinner with during the week.

  • If possible, be available for questions from (new) students a week before the start of the academic year (week of September 13th).

How do you become an Odibuddy?

Step 1: Fill out the candidate Odibuddy - Microsoft Forms!

In these forms, provide some more information about yourself, your preferences, and goals for being an Odibuddy!

Step 2: The Odibuddy team will contact you.

When you have successfully completed the forms, you will receive an email from the Odibuddy team.

Step 3: You're totally convinced!

You'll get a spot on our Odibuddy website and will be added to the Odibuddy Teams channel. This way, we'll keep you up to date on everything that's going on within Odibuddy!

Step 4: Pairing with a student

As an Odibuddy, you can be linked to a student in two ways:

1) The student will contact you directly.

2) The student contacts the Odibuddy team. Afterwards the team will contact you.

Step 5: Meet your student!

This can be on campus, in a bar, online... The choice is yours!

Convinced? Or do you need some more info?

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