Our actions in response to the situation in Ukraine

We are all shocked by the fierce war in Ukraine. Our thoughts go out to the millions of families who have to live in fear, insecurity and are increasingly on the run. The Odisee community feels connected to all the students and their families. In our higher education community, we work with and for students and the development of their learning opportunities, regardless of their origin or nationality. 

Meanwhile, Odisee already undertook a number of actions:

  • Our students from Ukraine received a message of solidarity. We warmly recommended them to make use of our STUVO services if needed.
  • Naturally, we monitored the situation of our students and staff working for us in the Ukraine-Russia region and supported their return home.
  • In close consultation, we screened planned outgoing mobilities in the wide region around Ukraine and unfortunately we were forced to cancel some of them due to the very fast evolving situation.
  • We also support the request to our authorities not to impose sanctions on students from Russia in Flanders and Brussels, such as withdrawing their visas. Now more than ever, we must allow students to continue their studies in a safe and democratic environment.

Concrete solidarity actions for victims

Stop de oorlog in Oekraïne

We also want to show our solidarity and support in those areas where we as a university of applied sciences are able to make a contribution. We prefer to do this in a coordinated way and embedded in a local initiative. To this end, our campus administrators contacted the various city councils.

In the meantime, websites have been set up almost everywhere to collect help. In most cases, it concerns shelters and all kinds of material in anticipation of the reception of refugees from Ukraine. Together with the local initiatives, we will look at how Ukrainian students and researchers can also come to us.

We think it is good that we embed local support initiatives as much as possible. In addition, it is of course good to talk to students and colleagues and to see where you can be of support to each other in this situation. Everyone's show of solidarity and turmoil today is extremely heart-warming for so many. 

I refuse to accept that humanity is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the radiant dawn of peace and brotherhood can never be a reality. (Martin Luther King)

Odisee Management Team