Actions in favour of Ukraine

The war in Ukraine touches many people's hearts. More and more refugees arrive in our country and need help, but at the same time we also see more and more people offering help. Not only a place to sleep and rest, but also material aid and money to support organisations that help refugees.

It is therefore very nice to see that many students and teachers come up with ideas and set up their own actions. Below is an overview of what has been or is being organised on our Odisee campuses.

Acties brussel Oekraïne 2

Brussels & Dilbeek

A collection point was set up in a classroom (5303.1) on the campus to collect goods for the refugees. The Ukrainian Embassy has asked for the following goods: clothing, blankets, medicines, children's toys, nappies, dried food and canned goods. 

The first collection round runs until 18 March, every day from 12h-14h and 17h-19h. We will then put your goods in boxes and transfer them to the collection point to be taken to the needy.  If you would like to make a financial donation, please go to the link below for a list of local organisations. 

List of local organisations

Last week there was also a collection action from the students themselves for the benefit of the victims of and refugees from the war in Ukraine at the entrance of Hermes 1.



Schaarbeek wanted to take concrete action and therefore organised a fundraiser for NASCI vzw. That's an organisation in Schaarbeek that supports pregnant women, single mothers and families who find themselves in an emergency situation, including families on the run. Due to the current refugee crisis, their shelves are empty and they urgently need clothing for babies and children up to the age of 16, women's clothing, children's bedding, baby toys in good condition, nappies, care products or powdered milk (unopened). You can leave your things in the entrance hall of our campus. 



In Ghent, bags of sweets and Easter eggs are sold for the benefit of the Ukrainian church in Ghent. They are sold every afternoon at Rabotaria or the student restaurant and cost 3 euros.  The people from the Ukrainian church will see how they can best use the funds to help Ukrainians in Belgium.

There is also a call for donations to the account number of consortium 12-12.



During the healthy week, we treat you to a delicious breakfast in the Himmorant! Come and have breakfast on Tuesday 26/04 at 8 am, together with your fellow students and your teachers.

During that week, the Himmorant will only serve healthy dishes with attention to the short chain & we will share a lot of tips on our socials!

Register now: Registration is possible until Wednesday 20/04.  Breakfast is free. We ask for a voluntary contribution to Ukraine.