Admission requirements

General admission requirements

In order to be admitted to a study programme or course at Odisee, you must have a Flemish secondary education diploma and a positive learning account. These conditions must be met at the start of the academic year. 

Some other diplomas or study certificates are also accepted. The complete list is included in Section 1 in the Education and examination regulations.

Registration with a non-Flemish diploma

If you have obtained your secondary school diploma at an institution outside the Flemish Community, you cannot register immediately. Even if you are Belgian and/or Dutch-speaking, you first have to apply for admission. We will evaluate whether you meet the admission requirements to register at a Flemish higher education institution. 

Registration without a secondary school diploma

If you do not meet the degree requirements to enter a associate degree or bachelor's degree programme, you may participate in an admissions assessment. This is only applicable to Dutch-taught programme. 

Admission of a learning path coach

To maximise your chances of success, in certain cases it is necessary to have a personal interview with a learning path coach before registering.

Overview learning path coaches

Register for an exam contract

If you want to register for a degree-exam contract or a credit-exam contract, you must first have an intake interview. Please contact one of the following persons via an email to

  • Campus Aalst: Natalie Corthals 
  • Campus Brussels + Brussels-Terranova: Brigitte Van Gaever
  • Campus Dilbeek: Stefanie Wynant 
  • Campus Schaarbeek: Lieselot De Vylder 
  • Campus Sint-Niklaas: Geert Van Overmeire
  • Technology Campus Ghent: Wendy De Cock 

As a student with a non-EEA nationality and temporarily residing in Belgium as a student, you cannot register for an exam contract unless you are also registered for a diploma contract.