Mindfulness for student - Brussels

Do you often feel tense and do you have trouble finding peace or relaxing deeply? Do you worry a lot?  Do you experience stress related complaints such as sleeplessness, lack of concentration or pain? Do you often have (failure) anxiety or do you feel rather gloomy and despondent? Do you find it difficult to really enjoy the good things in life?

In this workshop, in 3 sessions of 2 hours you are introduced to mindfulness exercises and insights that invite you to navigate through the ups and downs of your life more skillfully and with more self-care.

Under the expert guidance of an experienced trainer, you will practice the skill of paying attention in a special way. You learn to be more mindful of your experience here and now. You practice to observe thoughts, feelings and sensations in your body and to enter into a friendly relationship with them. You cultivate mildness for yourself and your human experience.

Through this practice process you will develop more capacity for what comes your way in daily life and experience the beneficial effects of your practice efforts. You will receive audiotapes of all exercises, so you can start working with them yourself.

The sessions will take place on Friday 11/03, Wednesday 23/03 and Thursday 31/03. A maximum of 20 students can participate in the sessions. For the time being, the sessions will take place on campus, depending on the Corona measures. 

You can register using this form. You will receive an email confirming your registration.

Registration and participation in workshops and training sessions is, of course, voluntary but not without obligation. This means that we will keep a place free for you, and therefore expect you to attend. If, due to exceptional circumstances, you are unable to attend, please let us know in time so that your place can go to a student on the reserve list. We count on your understanding!

Afbeelding met hand en "schijnende hersenen" met als tekst "sessies mindfulness"
from Friday 11 Mar '22, 18:00
until Friday 11 Mar '22, 20:00