What documents are required for your registration?

The documents below must be uploaded in the online registration tool. Make sure you have them near you when you start your registration. The photo must be uploaded in JPEG, all the other documents in PDF.

If you have problems uploading your photo and/or documents, please contact the Student Administrative Services Centre of your campus.

Campus Aalst, Brussel, Gent and Sint-Niklaas: sa@odisee.be

Campus Dilbeek: onthaal.dilbeek@odisee.be

Campus Schaarbeek: info.schaarbeek@odisee.be 

If your secondary school diploma was not delivered by a Belgium Flemish Community school, please got to Registration with a non-Flemish diploma.

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For everyone

  • Identity card
  • Passport photo

For some students

Based on your diploma

  • Copy of your secondary school or higher education diploma if obtained before the year 2000 + an overview of your study history
  • If you want to register for an associate degree programme based on one of the following documents, you need to provide a copy of this document together with the overview of your study history
    • certificate of study of the 2nd year of the 3rd degree of secondary education if obtained before 2000

    • certificate of secondary education for social promotion of at least 900 teaching periods if obtained before 2013-2014

    • certificate of an adult secondary education programme of at least 900 periods if obtained before 2013-2014

    • higher education diploma for social advancement if obtained before 2013-2014

    • certificate or diploma of higher vocational education if obtained before 2013-2014

    • certificate of higher education of the short type with complete curriculum if obtained before 2000