Welcome to the Odisee Student Council

The Odisee General Student Council, abbreviated ASR, is the student council by and for students across all Odisee campuses and represents all Odisee University College courses. This way, the ASR takes a widely supported position for all her students!

The Student Council consists of a Daily Board, which is responsible for the continuity and the management of the ASR, and a General Assembly. This assembly has all decision rights and consists of representatives of all programmes on all campuses.

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What does the Student Council do?

As a Student Council, we represent all our students at different levels. This starts with the various programmes, where we help to improve student participation and we offer support to the Student Representatives within each programme. This way we can also help shape the educational curriculum, among other things.

But that's not all. We also help manage the student facilities, from the catering on the various campuses to sports and cultural events and kotts for our students.

Outside the university college we also take part in numerous external consultation moments.

External Student Consultation

We are members of the VVS (Flemish Student Association), Stura KU Leuven (the student council for all KU Leuven students) and StAL (the student council for all students within the Leuven Association).

Other external consultation moments

Other external consultation moments in which we participate are Brik, the service desk for Brussels students and StuGent, city consultation with all Ghent higher education institutions.

Who is behind the Student Council?

The Student Council consists of two bodies, namely a Daily Board and a General Assembly.

Daily Board (DB)

The DB consists of the president, vice president, secretary, directors communication, participation and external, coordinator student life and finally the four campus presidents. They meet weekly. The Executive Committee can take decisions in case of urgency, if the GA cannot be convened in time. The DB reports on this in writing or orally at the next General Assembly. The DB coordinates the internal functioning of the Student Council.

General Assembly (GA)

The AV consists of the members of the Executive Board and all elected Student Representatives of all programs on all campuses. It meets at least five times per academic year. There are at least two regular meetings per semester. There is a special electoral meeting in May.

The General Assembly is responsible for the election procedure, mandating Student Representatives for the various mandates and outlining the policy principles.

Decisions are taken by a simple majority. Decisions that only concern one of the two groups are taken by the students of the respective group. A three-fourths majority is required for amendments to the operating regulations, electoral regulations or participation regulations. The definitive exclusion of a member also requires a three-fourths majority.

Interested in joining the Student Council?

Do you want to help build the future of your education or campus? Do you also want to let your fellow students' voices be heard? Or would you rather help determine Odisee's policy? Then the Student Council is looking for you!

Every academic year around April, elections are held for the next academic year. Here, you can put yourself forward as a candidate to become a programme representative and/or campus chairperson. When you are elected by your fellow students, you can choose whether you also want to be a member of the Executive Committee of the Student Council as a student representative. More info can be found below!

What is the ASR doing?

Projects of the Student Council

The ASR is busy representing students day in and day out, but it has also realised some great projects. Discover them below!

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Studentenrestaurant Brussel

Vakantie wensen

Voldoende vakantie

Studenten die examen afleggen

Evenwichtig Examenrooster

We bewaken mee dat de examenroosters evenwichtig opgesteld zijn, en bovendien rekening houden met alle studenten. Zo krijg je maximale kansen om te slagen!

ICTO-studententip: e-books in tijden van examens

Eerlijke Studiekosten

Software die minder nuttig is? Boeken die je niet nodig hebt? Vanuit de ASR zitten we mee rond te tafel en herinneren we docenten en directieleden eraan de aan te kopen materialen grondig te analyseren en enkel het noodzakelijke te verplichten. Zo betaal je niet teveel.

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Uitgaan zonder Zorgen

De ASR staat in nauw contact met de studentenverenigingen in elke stad waar we een campus hebben. We bouwen mee aan plannen en afspraken om fijne en veilige activiteiten te organiseren. Zo blijft je studententijd de tijd van je leven.

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